Spanish Fall Gathering, featuring PSL’s

Written by Veritas Sevilla student, Hannah Reister! For more of her blogs, check out It’s obvious that I love to travel. But this weekend, instead of hopping on a plane or a train, I got to spend a lot of time seeing God at work. On Friday, our group of Veritas students headed to Montequinto… More Spanish Fall Gathering, featuring PSL’s

Gospel of Hope

Written by Gabby Butcher, Veritas student in San Jose, Costa Rica. See her other posts at This Thursday, I found myself doing ministry outside the largest brothel in Central American named “El Rey”(sorry, mom and dad, but I’m alright). Although this sounds terrifying, I had such peace. Even though this sounds incredibly dangerous, I have… More Gospel of Hope

Trusting His Work in the Midst of my Stillness

Written by Kiersten Houseman studying in Brazil. Kiersten is a senior at the University of Georgia studying International Affairs and Communications. She can frequently be found doing handstands, talking about Harry Potter, and/or dancing. The last few weeks of my trip have been a time of slowly falling into the rhythm of life in Floripa.… More Trusting His Work in the Midst of my Stillness