Room to Grow in London

Written by London student, Becca Boudrey, from Oral Roberts University! See her other blogs here!

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I seriously can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I left for London, England. I’ve been here for a full 6 days.. INSANE! They said my emotions would go up and down like a “W” during the duration of my stay here (excited, devastated, excited again, depressed, on the come up). I feel that I’ve already hit everyone and it’s only been one week. I was so excited to be in such a unique part of the world but had SO much change within 48 hours that my little Oklahoma mind did not have the capacity to process all of it. I’ve never been so thankful for solid friends and the Word of God to help me through it!!!

First of all, moving is exciting! You literally uproot everything that you’ve ever known and make a decision to expect the unexpected… especially when you move to another country. You can research all you want, but lemme tell you, nothing, not even a 4-page research paper (I thought I was an expert after writing mine) can truly prepare you for culture shock. But I’m here and I’ve made it a whole week! I survived getting lost on the tube twice, braving the central line by myself on a Friday night, and being okay with being the only American in the room. Anyone that has been to London for the first time knows the struggle.

As overwhelming as it’s been, I’ve had the TIME OF MY LIFE! I absolutely love it here! The fashion and social scene in Central and East London give me LIFE. London fashion week next month, YES PLEASE! Also, shout out to my new British friends. Contrary to American stereotypes, they’re some of the most welcoming people I’ve met.


I’ve learned that as long as we’re following Gods voice, He actually does catch us when we step out into the unknown. And not only does He catch us but He also goes above and beyond in the small details. Shocking that He’d actually do what He says, right? Many of us live so much of our lives in our comfort zones that we never work up enough courage to step out of it.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I used to have this internal struggle that I couldn’t quite communicate even to my closest friends. I was doing all that I knew how to do, but I was constantly frustrated because I felt that it was never enough. I found out I actually was the problem… I was only doing what I knew how to do! Instead of allowing myself to be stretched beyond what I felt like I could handle, I tried to make sense of things in my own bubble of comfort. Fortunately for future me and unfortunately for present me, my comfort bubble always led to more frustration.

The truth is that we can’t handle the plans of the Lord on our own. The pull that all of us feel is the Holy Spirit trying to take us from glory to glory. Don’t ignore it. The Message version of Psalm 119:105 says “By your words, I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path.”

When God speaks to us to do something, it never makes complete sense. This is good because it gives us room to grow. The world tells us that it is only hard work that can get us where we want to be. I believe part of this is true. I would not be in the UK right now if I had not worked hard, but ultimately I know it is God that has made a way for me to be here. As I’ve continued to give God my yes, He has shown me new and exciting things that have expanded the capacity of my mind.

Be encouraged that God has greater plans for your life today. They are uncomfortable because we cannot fully grasp what it will take or what it will look like, but I encourage you to step both feet over your threshold of “safety”. Do not wait for other people to take the step with you. Don’t wait until you feel ready. You’ve got what it takes because He created you that way. He will catch you if you’ll just take Him at His Word.


2 thoughts on “Room to Grow in London

  1. God is always faithful and His plans are always good! I love how God is working all things together for good in your life! (Romans 8:28)


  2. This is beautifully written. I’m learning so much from the authenticity behind your words. You’re an amazing writer!!!! *searches for another blog post*


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