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Study abroad and missions to Patagonia

Thank you for checking out our blog!  We are excited about what is going on in study abroad and what God might want to do in you.

ISA Veritas Christian Study Abroad creates academic programs that integrate faith and learning not just in the classroom but cross-culturally.  ISA Veritas expands upon a traditional ISA study abroad program by supporting and fostering students’ religious identity through engagement in Christian mission work and spiritual support. During an ISA Veritas program, students have the opportunity to live out their faith by serving a local community, plugging into the Christian community, and exploring the intersection of faith and life abroad through an ISA Veritas academic course.

As students enter their new host culture and proceed through all the exciting phases of cultural adjustment and sometimes language learning, they begin to see the world through a new set of eyes, eyes of the heart that have been opened to see people and cultures with humility and love.

Study Abroad and Missions to the DR

Not only will you learn more about another part of the world, you will learn more about yourself; you will grow in your understanding of your home culture as well as your faith.  Study abroad provides the perfect blend of excitement and tension to transform lives for the glory of God.  Students who study abroad with ISA Veritas open themselves to opportunities for personal and spiritual growth they might never experience at home.

Study abroad with ISA Veritas Christian Study Abroad. Fulfill your degree.  Serve a community.

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