A Letter to Future Study Abroad Students

Adapted from Josie Edgar | ISA Veritas Cusco Spring 2019

So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one  another’s feet. – John 13:14 (CSB)

Dear Fellow Study Abroad Student, 

You are about to embark on an unimaginable journey. The months that lie ahead of you are filled with adventure, new friends, joyful realizations, and exciting experiences. The time will go by so quickly and so slowly simultaneously as you discover new people, places, and passions. You will learn so much not only about your host culture and country, but about yourself and who you are in this world.  

However, you should acknowledge now that every day will not be a good day. Every day will not be an exciting adventure. Sometimes you will be frustrated with the culture. Sometimes you will be completely overwhelmed. Sometimes you will just want to go home. It’s okay to feel like that. It’s not okay to just give into these feelings and discomfort. My fellow student, if this was easy, everyone would do it. You’re doing a hard thing here, and God will carry you through it. He called here. You are not alone.  

That’s what truly makes it an adventure. In the hard days, in the quiet, unexciting moments; in the growth – that’s where the true adventure lies. You’re going to learn new things about yourself, about who you were created to be. It’s cross-culturally that we find hidden characteristics within ourselves. Rejoice! You are being renewed day by day. 

Take this life one day at a time.  

Pray, breath, and always make time to rest. 

Your fellow study abroad student & sister in Christ, 

Josie Edgar 

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