Spanish Fall Gathering, featuring PSL’s

Written by Veritas Sevilla student, Hannah Reister! For more of her blogs, check out It’s obvious that I love to travel. But this weekend, instead of hopping on a plane or a train, I got to spend a lot of time seeing God at work. On Friday, our group of Veritas students headed to Montequinto … More Spanish Fall Gathering, featuring PSL’s

I Thought I Knew Love—Then I Studied Abroad

I thought I knew love, then I studied abroad. Studying abroad with Veritas in London, I found my definition of love lacked patience, grace, steadfastness, and sacrifice. For my entire life, I have experienced love in a comfortable, familiar place. Before living in London, I had never been challenged to love people so different from … More I Thought I Knew Love—Then I Studied Abroad