Written by Veritas Spain student, Hannah Reister! Read her other blogs at Check out our Spain programs!

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An Open Letter to the People who Make Goodbyes Impossible,

Without even realizing it, you changed my life a little bit. Maybe you didn’t hit me with some earth-shattering philosophy, but you made the smile lines on my face a slightly deeper.

You probably changed the way I approach certain situations or finally told me what the lyrics are to that song I had been singing wrong for years. You might have seen something in me that I didn’t know was there or encouraged me to do something a little more adventurous than my norm. There’s a good chance that you gave me a fresh perspective while also giving pity laughs at my attempted humor. I’m sure you showed me patience and gave new meanings to phrases like “bee dog”, “ojos” or even “disobedient avocado”. You didn’t even think twice when I busted out in some ridiculous song, but you made me think twice about the best way to love on people. I would be willing to bet that you graciously encouraged me in a multitude of ways shortly after I slammed you with some sarcasm. You helped me get outside my comfort zone and reminded me that my British accent is offensively terrible. You laughed with me when I repeatedly and sufficiently embarrassed myself while teaching me how to avoid passing judgement on people. I guarantee you helped me overcome my complete lack of directional sense and even help me navigate the thoughts in my head. You’re probably the star of some unforgettable memories and some ridiculous photos to go along with them.

Way to go, you made saying goodbye absolutely impossible.

I’m incredibly grateful for the 15 minutes, 4 hours or 3 months I got to spend with you. God’s plan was creative, but it somehow got our paths to cross in an amazing way. Thanks for being you.


Check out the adventure that Hannah went on here! 


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