Want to be Convinced to Study in Chile??

Written by Argentina student, Leah Mernaugh from Seattle Pacific University on her trip to Chile. To read more of her blogs, visit joyfulindeed.wordpress.com! 


After leaving Argentina, I had a few days to spend in the beautiful country that looks like a string bean on the map of South America, where ten bucks means more than 15,000 pesos and locals commonly pronounce their “ch” like a “sh.”

If the first few stressful hours in Chile did not leave a great impression, arriving in Valparaíso, a coastal town just an hour east of Santiago, the capital, changed my mind.  Valpo, as well as its sister city Viña del Mar, are just off the Pacific coast and are home to sandy beaches, good seafood, and a laid-back atmosphere while still being very touristic. Maybe I’ll drop out of college and become a mural painter because there seems to be a handful of walls in the city that aren’t covered in paint yet.


Even though it was a short stay, I had a wonderful few days exploring this tiny part of Chile with my friend Anika, who has been a faithful traveling companion in South America. Here are a few glimpses of Chile.



At the top of Cerro Concepción. The city is extremely hilly, so there are some places where it’s better to take the funicular (a strange elevator) to the top of the hill, especially when carrying a suitcase on the way to check into the hostel. While taking the funicular up to our hostel and finding this view, we had to conclude, “you just can’t make this stuff up.”


No, but seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up. This was our view on the cloudy day we arrived in Valpo and I was ready to pack my backs and move here. This view in the glow of bright sunshine? A whole different story.


You can’t help but take a few glamour shots in this amazing city. Every meal we had on the Chilean coast was amazing. These Bavarian burgers (not expecting that) were absolutely delicious, and it wasn’t until after finishing them that we realized we were the only people in the restaurant eating our burgers with our hands instead of with knife and fork.


A weekend in Chile was not enough, but it was a great introduction to this amazing country. You should probably go there on your next vacation.

Until next time, Chile!


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