Lord, I Give You This Day

Written by Gabby Butcher, Veritas student in San Jose, Costa Rica from Westminster College. Read her other blogs at http://compelledtocostarica.blogspot.com/. Check out the program she went on here

butcher group
After making a quick spontaneous plan and finding a Costa Rican map, I headed to the bus stop this morning with two of the other girls I live with. It was very unusual that we didn’t have a plan all typed out and ready because we are all super planners. But today was our “off” adventure day so we jumped on a bus to the city with a fun time at Volcano Poas in mind. Long story short, after asking quite a few people in Spanish where the right bus was, we made it as it was pulling out. Luckily, the bus driver stopped and allowed us to ride. 
Although this sounds pretty boring and is probably a usual day for most Costa Ricans, today taught me that every day is God’s and I cannot for one moment think that I am controlling the crazy cool stuff He does. 
Finally, after three hours of buses, we arrived at the Poas Volcano. Pretty cool, right? I thought so too until we hiked through the park to only see a huge cloud due to rainy season… hmmm…I was really looking forward to seeing God’s creation. We soon left after getting bored with the white fog and went to eat an empanada. Kathryn had the idea of going back a little bit before we had to get back on the bus just to see if maybe we could see something. 
Once we arrived, God literally blew the fog away. It because so clear within seconds. We took a couple pics and stood in awe when a group of older men come up to us and start talking. It turns out we bonded about the good ole Ohio and they knew English. They left eventually after conversation ran out and my friends and I started talking about the many American men that come to CR for the Hotel “Del Rey”  (the Brothel) in which we do ministry at. We were reminded of how gross that whole scene is and made jokes about the men we had met previously going there. We laughed it off and changed the subject. 
On our way back to the bus, we somehow met back up with those men. They asked us what we were doing in Costa Rica and we asked the same and then we heard, “Have you girls visited Del Rey?” I responded with, “Yes, actually. We give out coffee and cookies to the people outside there! It’s actually the ministry we have been telling you about.” I wish I could have taken a picture of the man’s face. They really couldn’t believe it. They tried to justify their actions by saying that they had girlfriends and went there for the “cultural experience”. It turns out that they had no clue those women in the brothel were being trafficked and exploited (so they say). We got the opportunity to talk to them about our experience and the Spirit got to convict. God set up such a divine appointment. 
Today was God’s from the second I opened my eyes this morning. If we would have missed any of those buses, this wouldn’t have happened. He planned it perfectly… to the minute. 
Like the waterfall, I saw God’s power when He blew the fog away. It was his promise to take care of everything. My job is not to worry or plan or be discouraged, but to have faith and joy and worship my creator in times where He calls my friends and me to speak. 
It’s weird what God does through us when we listen, huh? 
This week I had the privilege of hearing a man from America speak at the one church I go to. He came with a passion to reach the Muslims- because he was once Muslim himself. He said that from one girl in high school sharing her faith, his whole family eventually came to know Christ. Please remember that you have no clue what that one act of obedience can do. 
This week I attended a prosperity church and the stand still mentality has set me on fire against the enemy. So excited to join Him and those willing to fight against the status quo this week and forever. 
Please pray for the babies at “Hogar Cuna”(an orphanage for ages 0-5). This week a couple of the 5-year-olds had asked us if we were there to “get a baby”. Pray for their hearts to feel joy and love in their time of loneliness. Most of them are there from abuse. 
As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”
John 20:21

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