Exploring my New Country of Spain

After a weekend exploring Sevilla, I was very excited to travel to a couple of new cities in Spain.   On Friday, we headed to Córdoba where we spent a few hours exploring the city and taking a tour of Cathedral de Córdoba, a mosque that was converted into a cathedral. Since we were only there for a few hours, Logan, Claire and I had an amazing calamari-centric lunch in the city after the tour before we got on the bus to head to Granada.

reister cordoba

We arrived in Granada later that afternoon where we promptly went on the hunt for dessert. We came across a highly recommended gelato shop called Café Fútbol for a gourmet quench to our sweet tooth. Later that night our group hiked up a hill to one of the tallest points in the city that overlooks the Alhambra and the gorgeous cityscape. When we got to the top, there was a guy playing guitar and a ton of people clapping and singing along. This was definitely one of the moments when it really hit me: I’m in Spain and having the absolute time of my life. The view of the city lights and historic sights was absolutely breathtaking.  I loved just being able to soak the experience in for a while before we headed to our final destination for the night, a flamenco show in a cave of the Granda foothills. Since I had never seen professional flamenco before, I was absolutely blown away with the passion, rhythm and artistry. Flamenco is one of the most beautiful forms of Spanish culture. The former dancer and figure skater in me could have stayed and watched for hours.

reister flamenco

On Saturday, we took a tour of the famous Alhambra which took almost 3 hours.  It’s absolutely massive and full of beautiful gardens and extremely detailed architecture.  We ended up staying there a little bit longer than our group because it was so stunning.  After the Alhambra, we headed back into the city to take advantage of Granada’s restaurant tradition: free tapas with each drink you order.  For a poor college student, this is the ideal way to save some money and get great seafood 🙂

reister granada

Today, we took a visit of the Real Capilla de Granada, where king Fernando and queen Isabella are buried. Just like every other church or cathedral we’ve toured, the immaculate details and rich history are amazing.  Shortly after our tour, we sat down to grab some lunch and ended up at an outdoor table in front of a phenomenal street performance from Elsa Bhör, a “rumba latin funk” band.  If you know me well, you understand my love for live music.  Needless to say, I think I found my new favorite music genre!

reister band

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