Boldness That Follows Freedom

Written by Alena Ricci. Veritas Chile student from Pittsburgh state who values learning new cultures and ways of life! See more of her posts at her blog


1 Peter 2:16 says to “live as free people”.

Well, I found myself reading that and realized just how legitimately hard it is to live as a free person because we are so used to bondage.

On Friday. I was chosen to give a thirty-minute message about labeling/identity in Christ in front of 15 – 16-year-old high school students about an hour from my home.

And when I finished I was so frustrated. Because I know every single misstep and every single mistake and every single error that I made. I can give you a list word by word of everything that should not have happened, but did anyway.

And I found myself focused on that fact instead of the fact that by the grace of God, these kids were affected and crying while I was talking. It was a moment where I found myself talking to them about only letting Jesus Christ label you, and there I was labeling myself.

I follow the fight against human trafficking and sexual slavery very closely, as it is a cause that is so incredibly important to me. And because of that, I talk a lot about freedom and justice. I talk a lot about using our rights as free citizens of the United States, but when it comes down to it, it is so very hard for me to live free in my calling and salvation.

Freedom is a concept that I admittedly don’t completely understand. It is a concept that is so foreign to us. But being here in Chile, where things aren’t completely free…makes me understand just how free my life can be if I let it.

The truth is that God has chosen to give me ultimate freedom in every facet of my life, and I am called to live that freedom out to bring others to the same.

The truth is that God is telling me that I am blameless and holy and forgiven and free.

I am spotless and worth something now, I’m His child and He calls me chosen.

And I need to start acting like it.

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