Spanish Fall Gathering, featuring PSL’s

Written by Veritas Sevilla student, Hannah Reister! For more of her blogs, check out

It’s obvious that I love to travel. But this weekend, instead of hopping on a plane or a train, I got to spend a lot of time seeing God at work.

owens reister fall party

On Friday, our group of Veritas students headed to Montequinto for some fellowship (yes, I know that’s Christianese) and preparation for our fall carnival outreach event.  Our missions mentors, Sharon and Carey, are teachers for a small Christian English academy. They wanted to host a fall-themed event that would gather the students of the community and their families.  We each created our own station with a game that helped the kids learn English.  The Students pinned the body part on the scarecrow, kicked an American paper football to learn sports vocab, bowled the pumpkin to match the vocab words with their location, blow the leaves to make a sentence and play fall charades in English.  We even had a little pumpkin spice latte station so that the Spaniards could get a taste of a real American fall (believe it or not, the PSL station wasn’t my idea!).

Although there wasn’t an explicit gospel message, this event reached about 70 children and adults. I’ve been slowly learning that sometimes, missions looks a lot more like planting seeds and letting God work in hearts to get those seeds to grow. From what I’ve experienced, Spaniards aren’t very comfortable joking and having fun with strangers.  It was so evident that The Lord was present during the event because the kids were so eager to learn and let us love on them.  Many of the parents even lingered around and got to know the English teachers (aka missionaries).  When it was all over, our hearts were overflowing with joy from the kids and with hope from seeing a group of people that might become the church someday.  Prayers for this ministry and for the school would be greatly appreciated!

reister house mom

On Saturday, we prepared for a different type of outreach night.  Since our wonderful host moms don’t get thanked enough, we threw them a little party to show our appreciation. We declared Saturday to be “DÍa de la Madre Española”, or Spanish Mother’s Day.  This also gave us the opportunity to tell them a little bit more about the Veritas program and get them connected with our missions mentors (and hopefully the Evangelical church too!)  Our adorable Spanish moms were beaming the whole night while we showed them how thankful we are for them.  We’re hoping that by being a light of Christ as their host kids, we might stir up some questions to help them seek Christ themselves.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a mission community here in Sevilla!

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