The Least Likely

Written by Veritas Chile student, Alena Ricci. Alena is a student at the University of Pittsburgh studying Spanish & Portuguese. While abroad she wants to learn not only a language but also a culture and way of life. View her other posts at!

painted stairs

“On Fridays, we go to the orphanage and work with the kids there. And on Friday when we went, there were no kids.
And I was pretty annoyed.
It costs money and time to take a bus up this mountain into this poverty-stricken area of my city.
So we get there and the cook, who is an older Chilean woman tells us that the kids won’t be back for hours. And my first thought was, “what a waste of money”.
My director says that we can talk to the cook for a little bit, to at least relax.
And in true North American fashion, I started thinking, why bother relaxing when I have so many other things I could be doing right now?

We sit down and this woman starts telling us about how her husband is so sick. They have two older sons, and she is the only one working because he’s so ill. She told us that he is scared to go to sleep because he’s afraid that he’ll never wake up again.
This woman continued to tell us that although she trusts that God will do what’s right, she doesn’t want to see her husband go.
She said that she wouldn’t be able to handle it.
So this woman goes through this entire story, and my our mission mentor (a Chilena) turns to me and asks me to pray. And she adds, “in Spanish”.

So here I am, a little annoyed, spending so much energy to understand this woman, and I am asked to pray for her.
Immediately, I nod and start running sentences to pray as I take a deep breath and bow my head.
And I spoke so fast and so fluently it was like I was standing back listening to myself while I was speaking. And when I was done and looked up, this woman was crying.

Because of my prayer.
So what did I learn? I learned that even when I’m aggravated and tired and don’t want to be wherever I am, God’s going to use me.
God is going to catch me off guard, and I think that I’m sort of alright with this truth.
He looked at my hurt and my anger and still chose me while the other students around me were feeling fine and completely unbothered by our change of plans.
I’ve realized that He picks the people least likely…and I’ve also realized that sometimes, that person is me.”


sunset surrender


Would you like to feel the power of Jesus’s pursuit of us in Chile? Check it out and join us for our next trip! 


2 thoughts on “The Least Likely

  1. Alena – I love reading your blog. You are truly a very gifted writer and God has a great work for you. God is so good. May he continue to bless you in your work in Chile.

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