A Bit of Faith & Spanish Espresso Go a Long Way

Written by our Sevilla Veritas student, Sarah Tibble. Sarah is a Speech-Language Pathology major with a Spanish minor at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She loves going on adventures to explore new places, whether it’s a different state, a new coffee shop in the West Michigan area, or just to try a new restaurant! 



photo by Karah Kinney

I had the coolest day today!!

This morning I had the opportunity to sleep in and take the morning slow with coffee, fruit…. all the Spanish goods. Which was nice because by the time I got to church, I had re-read my testimony over and over- probably 100 times. I was nervous about sharing my testimony in front of the church and really wanted it to have an impact and draw the congregation closer to Jesus. I dedicated the words and story to Jesus out of my nervousness then lo and behold, God gifted me the comfort card and all of the songs had to do with my testimony of being thirsty for God’s abundant joy and love. Since I’ve come out of a dry season… I felt like giving my testimony was a thrilling, hurtling experience for me. I read so fast, and it felt as though the pauses for breaths and my emphasis on the big parts were like crescendos and fortes of Deux Arabesques, or that Waltz in Ab that I love playing. Somehow, the combination of my nerves and surrender were still able to create a sweetly sincere symphony. Even so much that a kind elderly lady came up to me after I spoke and thanked me for my testimony- she felt really touched by it, so I was thankful that I was able to share it!

Plaza de Espana
photo by Sarah Singh

After the service, I went with the young people to Sunday School where I ended up translating the whole lesson for the two new guys from the missions trip! I got to meet more of the church family and meet the missions team. Several people even continued encouraging and thanking me for my giving testimony. (yay Jesus!) Afterwards, Olivia y Miguel, the two visitors, and some of the Veritas girls and I all went to lunch, ice cream/coffee, and then went on a walking tour of Sevilla to show everyone around! It was SO cool to talk to Miguel in Spanish, to Olivia in Spanish and English, and to Dan/Joel in English in order to get to know all of them! I didn’t even stop to think about how I was switching between the two languages the whole time! I was just totally engaged and loved every second of communicating with them in both languages. I guess I was just totally high on life today (and possibly all of the ice cream and espressoooooo). Being a Speech-Language Pathology major and being someone who loves to talk, communication and good conversations are so important to me! Before today, I had been melting in the heat and had been too tired to get back to being my perky self… but today I shone out as the true Sarah Tibble! Haha.

Today was just a perfect, untainted day.


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