Family, Food, & Futbol: My First Two Weeks in Sevilla!

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These first two weeks have FLOWN by. I cannot believe how fast time is going here! Every day it feels more and more like home. The streets, the people, and life here are becoming almost natural. Even the toy car ambulance is starting to sound normal! As far as language, it has been an overcoming of learning to understand the accent, remembering vocabulary from four years ago, and asking “un momento” while I conjugate a verb for the next thirty seconds. Also, I would like to apologize for any English grammatical errors. Apparently my multitasking with languages is off, and as my Spanish slightly improves, my English declines! (haha, worth it!)


I can still feel how I felt on the first day arriving after a nine-hour bus ride from Madrid. As we were given the “15 minutes away!” warning, we thought we were on a tour of the city seeing the most important things. What we did not know, however, is that we were passing through to the street where our host family would be meeting us!  Fifteen minutes later, we jumped off the bus to meet our families for the very first time. It was, to say the least, unexpected. We stood on the curb completely excited, and nervous, all at the same time.


This photo was taken for my host mom’s birthday. Leigh and I made a cake for Eva. It was so fun to get to share her birthday with her. 

Let me introduce everyone.

On the right, the blonde haired girl is my roommate, Leigh! To be honest, I wasn’t sure how it would work out living so closely in our room with so many new experiences. However, it has been an amazing experience and Leigh is one of the most outgoing,  bubbly people I have ever met. I love her positive, and focused outlook on life. I am pretty sure she could strike up a conversation with anyone, which makes her so much fun to live with! I am excited for what adventures the next three months hold.

My host mom is in the middle in the green shirt. Eva is an English teacher and entrepreneur ( perfect right? I know! ). Her successful business is a tourism agency, called I Show U Sevilla, which offers the real Sevilla experience- so you can imagine how much I got to learn about Sevilla from her! She is creative, an amazing cook, and very easygoing. Every moment in life for her is new and adventurous, which is such a contagious perspective!

On the far left is my “Abuelo” and far right is my “Abuela”. They do not actually live with us, but they picked us up from the bus stop. When they first picked us up, they were so overjoyed! They were asking us about ourselves, pointing out random places that I still cannot remember, and talking about Eva. They are hilarious! They use tons of different hand gestures and act out stories so we can better understand them. If we keep hanging out with them, I am going to have abs by the end of this trip!

2015-02-05 20.55.4510483086_824992134205851_8479968501913626830_o

What else is there to love about Sevilla? Food. I love the food.  However the meal times here are so crazy, and a little difficult to adjust to! Breakfast is just a couple of pieces of bread early in the morning, then lunch is at 2:30 and is the biggest meal of the day. Dinner is at 9:30 and is beyond smaller than the normal American serving. Overall, the food here is fresh and healthy (Well, except the churros and chocolate- and you can’t pass that up!), and everything my host mom makes is marvelous! 

2015-02-01 19.10.24One of my first Sevilla experiences was a futbol (soccer) game. Take how excited Americans get about football and multiply it by FIVE! That is how insane those stadiums get. It was awesome to see how involved everyone is and listen to them yell chants. I did not understand a word except “GOALLLLL!”

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This picture is actually my walk to school, completely unbelievable. I walk about thirty-five minutes to school every day and get to walk right past Plaza de Espana. It is hard to complain when this is your view in the morning! The plaza de España was built-in 1929 when Seville hosted the world’s fair, but today the building is used for government administration. Talk about workplace environment!


This is from when I toured the cathedral with the Veritas girls. We actually climbed the tower on the right! 

Fun fact: Christopher Columbus is buried there! Well… except his arms. 

Long story short, my first two weeks in Sevilla have been a success, and I am in love with this life I am living. 

Thank you, Jesus. 

Written by Karah Kinney.

Karah is an entrepreneurship and global politics major at Miami University. She wanted to study abroad to improve her Spanish and to experience a new culture. Random fact about Karah is that at home, she lives on a farm- very different from this international travel!

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