Join Veritas Abroad in the End It Movement


27 million= the population of Texas

27 million= enough people to fill every professional football stadium 12 times.

27 million= the number of people still trapped in slavery today. *

Slavery still exists. And we’re taking a stand.

February 27 is “Shine a Light on Slavery” day, and Veritas Christian Study Abroad is joining the End It Movement to raise awareness about slavery in the world today.

End It Movement and Veritas Abroad

Veritas Christian Study Abroad is joining teams of Freedom Fighters around the world by drawing a red X on our hands. We’re sending students to places like San Jose, Costa Rica to fight for trafficked people. We support these ministries as a group and other ministries as individuals.

How to get involved:

  • Draw a red X on your hand and post your photo on Instagram tagging #enditmovement & @veritasabroad.
  • Support organizations and ministries fighting for freedom through prayer and giving.
  • Go. Drawing an X is only the beginning. If you want to fight for the freedom of enslaved people,  join our teams abroad. Find out how.

We’ve been set free, let’s walk in that freedom together.

End It Movement Isaiah 61

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