Make “Back to School” Better with Study Abroad & Missions

On top of a volcano!
On top of a volcano!

As summertime fades and murmurs of returning to the classroom hang in the air, we thought we’d remind all college students why you should make your next “back to school” be abroad!

You could go back to school shopping for supplies like spiral notebooks and a pencil bag…

OR, your back to school list could look like this!!

to do list


You could go back to school and learn about the history of Roman civilization…

OR, you could experience it!!


You could go back to school to rock climb at the Rec Center or play intramural sports…

OR, you could go on a real field trip!!



You could go back to school to a long commute on campus transportation or spend all your gas finding a parking spot…

OR, you could get to class like this!!

Double Decker bus



You could go back to school on a diet of Ramen noodles and $5 Hot-n-Ready Little Caesar’s pizzas…

OR,  you could munch on Spanish tapas, devour Italian pizza and gelato, savor a crepe in Paris, or indulge in street food in Latin America (Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays)!!

Friends Study Abroad in Italy



You could go back to school to your same old routine…

OR, you could make a difference in a local community and have a life-changing experience!!


Study Abroad and Missions to the DR



You are difference makers and world changers. The typical college experience is not enough. You’ve seen unacceptable realities in the world and said, “That’s not okay.” You know there is more: more to learn, more to discover, more to grow, more who need to know the love of Christ. Make your next Back to School experience be a meaningful one—study and serve the nations.

Apply now to study abroad and do missions with Veritas Christian Study Abroad!

Image credit: Thomas Shahan, Kevin Poh, Karen Chan, Emily Motley

Written by Carrie Hokanson

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