5 Reasons Study Abroad and Missions Are Better Together

Study abroad and missions in Italy

Study abroad or missions? Yes.

It may come as a surprise to many, but study abroad and missions do not have to be mutually exclusive. Committing to a semester studying abroad does not mean sacrificing opportunity for ministry! Serving through international missions does not mean compromising on academics.

It’s not this or that—it’s both. And the marriage of the two can actually make each one better. Veritas Christian Study Abroad shows you how:

  1. Go long(er) term. Short-term missions are great for people with schedules that allow only a week or a long weekend for a mission trip. As a college student, you have the advantage. When you study abroad for a semester or summer, you have the chance to spend one to four months—even a full academic year—abroad. You’re not giving up undergrad time because you’re still working on your degree while you serve overseas. Two birds, one stone, they say!
  2. Double your return. In the same two-for-one spirit, think of the time and money you’ll save when you combine study abroad with missions. Save money on flights, accommodations, visas, and more! Instead of using scholarships and financial aid for one program and fundraising for another, why not combine your efforts and increase the affordability of your experience!                                                                                                                  French Language Exchange Paris
  3.  Immerse yourself. The Veritas model is designed to let each component support the other. As a student, you want to learn the language and culture of your host country and experience it to the fullest. Through your Mission Mentor and involvement with local churches and ministries, you have  intentional access to the local community and culture where you’re living. In addition to the exposure you’ll get from your classes and excursions, you’ll take local transportation to your ministry site, you’ll worship and pray with locals in their homes, and you’ll serve in  a variety of ministries with children, youth, and adults. As a missionary, you want to build relationships and share the gospel. Studying abroad widens your field of ministry beyond the locals. Not only will you have the opportunity to serve the local community in your host country but also the students and professors in your academic community!      
  4. Christian Study AbroadGet support on all fronts. Before you go abroad, you’ll receive comprehensive advising and support from our U.S. office. Once you’re abroad, you have access to a full-time resident staff who will provide support in all areas from academics to culture to excursions. Your Mission Mentor offers spiritual support and helps you connect to ministry and community as well as process your experiences and expectations abroad.
  5. Develop a mission lifestyle. When you study and serve with Veritas, you will learn how to manage your time between school, social life, ministry, and everyday living. Instead of spending five days, eight hours a day doing solely volunteer work, you will spend five weeks to several months building relationships and serving a community while still living life as a student. Veritas alumni say this aspect always surprises them, but they are so glad they can return home with experience living a life on mission.

You know the reasons, now go! Leverage the cross-cultural benefits study abroad affords alongside the spiritual support and ministry opportunities missions provides. You don’t have to choose one or the other.

Apply now to study and serve with Veritas Christian Study Abroad!

Written by Carrie Hokanson

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