Life in Chile is Baked Fresh Daily

Baked Fresh Daily

Chileans love bread. In fact, Chile ranks as the second highest country in the world for bread consumption. There are bakeries everywhere, and grocery stores have a huge section devoted to every type of bread imaginable—different shapes, sizes and textures, and they all have different names. Every day at the table, we have bread from the store and it always tastes delicious! I can always tell when the bread was just purchased fresh that same day, or if it is leftover pieces from the day before. There is no mistaking the difference between the fresh pieces and the day or two old pieces. In this sense, it is best when my host family buys just enough bread for one day, because after that first day it does not taste as good.

I have never before experienced a season in life in which I have had to rely on God more than during this time in Chile. In Matthew 6:11, Jesus says, “Give us this day our daily bread.” I have heard this verse from the Lord’s prayer hundreds of times growing up, and I understood with my head the concept of resting in the daily portion that God gives, but now I understand this with my heart. Because here in Chile, there are so many interactions and activities every day that take me outside of my comfort zone. Even simple things such as speaking in a different language and trying to navigate my way around Viña and Valpo have been daunting, especially when I first arrived. I have been learning through this that all I can really do is take one minute at a time and not worry about the next one, much less the next day! God is teaching me that He gives me just what I need for today, my “daily bread.” He is enough for me, and I am learning that when I am able to give my worries for the coming days over to Him, He floods me with peace and gives me just what I need for every moment. My prayer has become a petition for nothing more than what I need for this day—just enough faith, confidence, discretion, and words for this moment, nothing more.

LCrayne_orphanageIt is impossible for me to be prepared for every incident that comes my way, all I can really do is take things as they come and have faith that God is at work and will give me what I need. I am realizing that I learn and grow the most when I am outside of my comfort zone, and am forced to simply trust the Lord moment by moment. Just like the daily bread I eat with my host family that tastes best the same day it has been baked, my daily portion from the Lord is put to its best use when I am fulfilled by the Lord for that moment rather than looking ahead and worrying about the upcoming days.

Lisa Crayne, California Baptist University, Veritas  in Chile 2013


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