Football Frenzy!

It is always an adventure in London! Each day seems to be filled with one amazing experience after another and yesterday was no exception! A few friends and I had planned to spend the afternoon checking out Greenwich Market.  We heard that there were a lot of cool places there that offered some unique items.

We never quite made it to the market.  When we got off the Tube we found that Delta Airlines had set up a booth outside of the station and was holding a football (American soccer) competition.  It turns out that Delta had beLValentineRyan bertranden holding a football shootout challenge for the past three days.  The teams were compiled of businessmen and women from the nearby office buildings.  For the most part it was only local businesspeople watching in the small crowd that formed around the shootout.  We thought it was just a promotional event with games so we kept walking.  Much to our surprise, one of the security men stopped us to tell us that some players from the Chelsea Football Club were coming to watch the final competition and would be staying around to take photos and sign autographs after.  What perfect timing!!! We waited around for twenty minutes and watched the shootout and then got to see the players! We got autographed photos from Paulo Ferreira, Ross Turnbull, and Ryan Bertrand.  I was even able to take a quick snapshot with Ryan!  What I thought was going to be a simple shopping trip turned into meeting footballers from one of the greatest teams in the world!

There’s never a dull day in Londontown!

Lisa Valentine, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Veritas in London Spring 2013


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