The Beauty of Worship…God Knows!

Tonight, after serving at the girls’ home here in Viña, I went with some friends to a service at a local church, Unión Cristiana. Because we arrived after our activity, we were late. The speaker had already begun his message and we had to separate to find enough empty seats.

During the sermon, to be truthful, my mind wandered. I had my English bible with me and was attempting to follow along, but I had some difficulties focusing. It’s hard to concentrate on a sermon in a language you don’t fully understand. Add to that a long day with little sleep, and the task becomes more difficult.

Following the sermon, the praise team led the congregation in a collection of songs. And it was awesome. We sang for at least an hour, praising the God that made everything and loves us immeasurably more than we can imagine. During this worship time, I felt the love of God present in the room. The Chileans around me sang with such adoration and joy. Hands were lifted, voices raised. I sang full voice, praising God for everything he has done for me. Did I understand every word I sang? Not exactly. But I knew who I was worshiping. I was expressing my thanks for blessings experienced and those to come. The words didn’t matter, because God understands my heart. He understands the real meaning behind my words, spoken in either Spanish or English. God knows.

Tonight was a wonderful night. Tonight I felt the closest to God since my arrival. I felt blessed as I experienced the beauty of worship.

I will thank you, Lord, among all the people. I will sing your praises among the nations. Psalms 183:9 (NLT)

Todas las naciones que hiciste vendrán y se inclinarán ante ti, Señor; alabarán tu santo nombre. Salmos 183:9 (NTV)

Jean Rust, Wichita State University, Veritas in Chile 2013


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