Eyes to See

My adventures in London have been ongoing for about three months now. This city that is so modern yet so historic has continued to intrigue and excite me. Weekends are spent traveling around England and the rest of Europe where as week days are spent conquering the class work, local museums, markets, and city events.

Before beginning my BAnderson_ferriswheelstudy abroad experience I have been told by numerous people that the study abroad experience is “life changing” and that you “learn a lot about yourself”. I have almost been living off of these quotes from people. I have been seeking who I am, and reflecting on a lot about my life. I often reflect through curiosity on how God wants me to take on this “life changing” experience. I know that this experience I cannot take for granted, and I do not want to be selfish with my time abroad so I seek Gods help. He has revealed to me in an allegory of the way that I should live.

I would like to share this allegory with you.

One day I was going about on a week day trip to a museum. This museum did not necessarily spark any interest for me to go to because I did not have previous knowledge on the exhibits and artifacts inside. However, I have found myself enjoying museums that did spark my interest so I figured it would be worth it to give this one a shot. After spending an hour dragging my feet through exhibits, and mindlessly walking through my friends and I finally left. On the train back home I wondered why something could be so dull to me. The fact that I wasn’t intrigued because I didn’t know anything about the museum became my answer to this question. Not knowing, being unknowledgeable can keep us from seeing important things. There have been times while being abroad that I have not picked up my Bible for days. Every day I do not pick up my Bible I lose the opportunity of learning something. I lose the opportunity to see what God wants me to see. The Bible is an important book that God gave us to be able to know him better, to see the world more clearly, to be able to discern the good things from the bad things.

My museum experience led me to see the greatness of the Bible. I would agree with what you’re probably thinking…what a weird revelation? I laugh at this as well, but I am also thankful for this revelation. It has put a great emphasis on reading the Bible for me. Reading the Bible gives us the eyes to see the world how God wants us to see the world. He wants us to be able to see the things that matter, and recognize what is important.

Brianne Anderson, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Veritas London 2013


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