Global Good Friday in London

LValentine_PassionGood Friday and Easter have always been important holidays in my family.  Growing up, we always attended service on Good Friday as well as the traditional Easter service.  Today I got to experience Good Friday in quite a spectacular way.  My friend and I went to Trafalgar Square in central London for a reenactment of the Passion.  Trafalgar Square has always been my favorite spot in London because from the steps you get a perfect view of not only the famous Trafalgar Square lions, but also Parliament and Big Ben.  My experience today gave me yet another reason to call this spot my favorite.

The Passion was put on by London’s Bible Society and was performed by very talented actors.  The performance included live animals and actors who interacted with the audience.  It was an incredible performance that was entirely quoted from the Bible.  To say that it was moving would be an understatement.

While I sat on the ground in the square and watched this performance, I was surrounded by thousands of other people from all over the world.  It was so incredible to experience Christ’s love with so many people.  It was obvious that the story of Christ dying on the cross moved the audience and brought about great emotion, no matter what country they were from.  However, immense excitement came when it was discovered that Jesus was not in the tomb.  A little boy in the audience stood up and pointed at the risen Jesus and excitedly exclaimed, “Look!” which caused the thousands of people sitting around me to turn and fix there eyes on Jesus.

This moment was incredible because it reminded me that we must have a childlike faith.  Over 2,000 years ago Jesus showed his love for the world on this day and we have been experiencing that love every day since.  The Archbishop of Westminster ended the performance by inviting everyone to join in the Lord’s Prayer.  Being surrounded by thousands of people from all across the globe, reciting this prayer was a powerful moment that I will never forget.

Lisa Valentine, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Veritas in London Spring 2013


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