Seven Countries and One Meal

Who gets really excited about going to a new restaurant alone and having a great meal in silence? Everybody enjoys good company with good food.  Whether you are catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in while or enjoying the ongoing conversations of familiar friends or family, there is something deeply connecting about sharing a meal with others.

This brings me to my meal last night.  I IMG_0073shared an Indian meal with co-workers from Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and the US.  We enjoyed getting to know each other, sharing stories and photos. We shared our plates as well as our lives.  At the table last night we were all folks with remarkably different stories, life experiences, and citizenship.  It was a delicious mix.

God has made us all so very different and yet we all share the same basic needs.  We all need to eat.  We need to share. We need connection to others and God.  Meals were meant to be shared like life was meant to be shared.  We were designed to live in community; we need it like we need bread.  Maybe this is why Jesus called himself the Bread of Life.  He is basic.

Next time you enjoy a meal with family or friends consider that there is probably a table in another country waiting for you to join in and share something new and certainly life-changing. Make the most of your next meals and try to have some in another country or at least with people from other countries!


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