Humbled and at Home

Being honked at or stared at isn’t a big deal anymore so there isn’t much to write about. My Spanish is soooo much better (one of my sister’s friends from Santiago even said that it was good!!!!) so I’m feeling so much better about it and have gained a lot of confidence in the past few weeks. Its nice to not have to strain so hard to understand and to not have to exhaust my brain just to give a simple response. These are the things of my dreams just a month ago. God is changing my perspective on just how big He is. To create one language, let alone hundreds, is just amazing to me. Its been a good way to humble me and remind me how big God is, how much He knows, and how much He is control.
The Chileans have shown me what it means to truly love people. They love everyone and they do it so well. No one is excluded, no one left alone. They embrace people with so much enthusiasm it amazes me. I think God placed me here so I can use them as my example of how to love people well, which is something I have been consistently been praying about for over a year now.
I absolutely LOVE it here and I don’t want to leave. 4 months is not long enough, I need at least a year…or maybe a lifetime! 🙂

Kait B., Chile Fall 2012


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