A New View From Rome

My time here has been amazing so far! I honestly have never experienced God’s peace so tangibly and I have been learning so much about what it really looks like for me to depend solely on Him. Last week, we went to the catacombs with Leonardo and learned a lot of really disturbing things about the history of the church in Rome, which God used to speak to me personally in a big way so that was incredible :).  Additionally, several things that I’ve learned about the church both past and present so far (both in various classes, from Valeria, and through experience) have blown my mind and changed the way I view the church (as in the people of God all around the world) as a whole.

The picture is of the original stairs down to the catacombs where the 2nd century Christians would go to not only bury their dead but also to have a place to worship together that was out of sight of the Roman government.

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