Spanish Prayer!

By Murphy, Texas A & M, Chile Summer 2012
Lorna opened up our meeting with a beautiful Spanish prayer and I got goosebumps! She and Lizette went on to explain our special schedule since the four of us signed up to do more than just take classes here. We have the option to volunteer at an orphanage every Wednesday night that’s just for girls (sorry Mitchell!) and this just about had me jump out of my seat I was so excited. We looked over our detailed schedule and it began to fully sit in how unique our experience was going to be.Image
After we discussed the specifics, we all parted ways and Kristen, Emily, and I met up with Kayla and Kelly to go to the grocery store to get an easy dinner. Of course, none of us could decide what we actually wanted so we wandered through the aisles trying to figure out what combinations we could make with the familiar items we found. I walked away with tortillas, turkey, and cheese to make quesadillas namely because I wanted something that tasted like home before the big day of meeting our new families. Walking back home was a hoot since it was Saturday night and the nightlife was starting to pick up but we were all too tired to try and muster any extra energy to do more than pack.
Sitting in our Veritas meeting, I caught a glimpse of the change God is making in me. This time last year I would have been kicking and screaming about coming down to Chile and being thrown into a completely unfamiliar place to help a country I know little about. But He’s given me His eyes to see the beauty in His planning. Lorna was telling us how she and Lizette believe that nothing in our lives happen by accident but rather by God’s perfect plan and after my short time here I couldn’t agree more. He has already caused me to rely on Him in ways that I wasn’t even sure I needed and there aren’t words to express how excited I am to see what’s in store.

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