Thanks to God Everyday

by Sara Kathryn in Chile 2012Image

Everyday, even on the bad days that inevitably happen, I am finding so much joy and peace in knowing Christ.  Since I have been a christian, my life is been so much more richer, joyful, and satisfying in every way.  Not that I haven’t gone through some rough times but when I have been struggling I was never walking alone.  It was as if God had been holding my hand, walking with me the whole time.  Today, especially I was thinking about God’s purpose for my life and how he never does anything without reason.  I cannot believe already how much God has revealed to me about his desire for me to labor in Chile and that he put me here for a reason.  I am just so thankful to God to have already had so much affirmation in being here and to have been already so blessed.  Christ is using my church here in Chile to build my personal character, communication skills, intercultural understanding, help me to think not only for another person but, another culture and for people of all ages.  In addition, months prior I had asked God to give me favor here with the people in Chile in order for me to be able to form relationships in which I could minister to them.  God has surpassed my expectations and given me favor not only with Chileans but also with other American students here studying abroad.  I have already had the opportunity to share the gospel with both a Chilean and American student.  I am also continually praying that my life will serve as a witness to unbelievers and that I can be the salt and light in a very dark and messed up world.  Please continue to pray for me- that I would continue to have opportunities to share the word, the gospel, and the love of Christ with everyone I come into contact with.  Pray that I would learn more and more each day and that people would give me grace while I am here, because I am certainly not perfect.  I am amazed to have experienced God’s work already here and I am proud and happy to be serving not a God of one cultural or language but the God of EVERY culture and language- he truly is the God of the universe.

Que Dios Le Bendiga (Means God Bless You)

Love, SK


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