Welcome to Chile!


Blogs are impossible. Those who read them, God bless you. Those who write them, Lord help you. How do you sum up a week’s worth of 15 hour days in a few paragraphs? My best response…with pictures. However, before I tell my story in pictures, I must say it is a blessing to be with a Christian family. I live with Ketty (mi mama Chilena) and Mauro, my brother (Ketty’s nephew). They are wonderful! They speak a little English (Mauro more than Ketty), but I learn more Spanish every day. My first day here Ketty told me “There is no language with Christ”…as in, we have no barrier because we have all things in common in Jesus! What an encouragement. Also, I have already had a long conversation with my brother Mauro (who is a total history and theology buff) about reformed theology, different theologians, different religions like Mormons and Catholics, and missions. It’s so great to come home to a place like this every night!  (Stacey Willis, Chile 2012)


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