I came to this semester wanting to be challenged and stretched. So far, I’ve gotten what I came for, in more ways than I imagined! God is transforming how I see missions, the church, non-believers, and myself. The structure for most of these changes is taking place in the church history class. For the first time, I feel like I’m truly beginning to grasp what was going on in the struggle between the Catholic Church and the reformers and why it was significant. Being in this city, where so much of church history has unfolded throughout the ages, gives a vividness to what I’m learning that I have never experienced before. Last Tuesday for class, we went to the Holy Steps and saw what caused Luther to start questioning the Catholic Church: people trying to work their way to heaven, one step and one recited prayer at a time. It’s something that simply can’t be taught in a classroom or read in a textbook. It brings a vividness not only to the historical reality, but to the present reality of the millions of people who still don’t know that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone.


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