Welcome to Rome!

I had a great time with Leonardo DeChirico and his family yesterday! They invited me over for lunch, and when I said my roommate, Carol, wanted to come to church with me, they invited her to lunch as well. It was wonderful to hear their testimony, how the Lord prepared them for each other and for the work they are doing now. They told God that they wanted to give Him everything, and He took them up on it. What an amazing family! They are a living example of how God blesses those who are willing to trust Him fully.

At church Carol and I met people in all sorts of different ministries. The hardest part is going to be deciding which ministry we want to get involved with in our short time here! The Evangelical church in Italy may be small, but it is alive and vibrant with people who are serving God faithfully in the face of many challenges — small numbers, limited financial resources, and hard work with little visible payoff. But the joy in their faces clearly testifies to a faith that seeks to please God, not men. It is both convicting and encouraging.

Laurel Kuntz, Trinity International University


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