More fun in Sevilla!

On our way to and from Cordoba and Granada, we passed through a site that I will never forget. Fields upon fields of sunflowers. Absolutely incredible. Being from Texas, I have seen my share of sunflowers, but only here and there on the side of the road or highway. Nothing like this though. The sunflowers looked as if they stretched on for miles and miles. What a perfect image of God’s beauty! We were in awe of His creation. It was so gorgeous and an amazing sight to see. We tried to capture some photos but none did it justice of its beauty, so you will just have to trust our judgement.

The other night, we participated in an “intercambios”, which is pretty much where we meet locals and they show us the hotspots of Sevilla. Like where all the good restaurants and hang outs are. This was right after class for us, so we had to walk around all night with our backpacks on. We already look like we are 13, so the backpacks did not help much for our maturity. We went to restaurants and local spots where cool Spaniards were hanging out with our backpacks on. They tried to persuade us to go dancing, but that would just be plain awkward and a huge obstacle on the dance floor.   ~Cathrine (Sevilla)


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