You Know You’re In a Foreign Country When…

In the brief time I’ve been here so far, I have quickly noticed the strange and unusual customs they have here. Well at least to me. If you or anyone you know is going to Spain, here are a few things you should know before you just show up.

  1. Napkins in restaurants are some sort of softer plastic. Absorbing is not one of their strong suits.
  2. People don’t smile back at you if you smile at them. Apparently you have to be their friend or something.
  3. If you don’t want to sit for 3 extra hours, you have to ask for the check at a restaurant or they will never give it to you.
  4. Euro’s are deceiving. Thanks for giving me false hope every time I think I’m getting a deal!
  5. Most bathrooms never have paper towels, and only have hand dryers as well as motion censored lights. Catherine has a pretty funny story about that one.
  6. Hotels make you insert your room key into a reader inside of the room if you want any of the electricity to work. (We sadly called the front desk the first hotel we were in and told them the electricity was out…cue annoyed front desk person.)
  7. Feet on any kind of furniture is a no-no. 
  8. Most families don’t walk around barefoot in their house ever. That’s another rough one.
  9. Yogurt is a dessert with dinner.
  10. Meat and carbs are mainly all you eat.
  11. Breakfast is only like an apple or piece of toast at 9am. Lunch is from 2-4pm and dinner is 9-11pm. Whaaattt??
  12. Colorful solid skinny jeans are in. Sorry I’m wearing jean shorts…stop looking at me weird.
  13. I have heard more American music in restaurants or stores than Spanish.
  14. Sevilla has its own accent and they don’t complete many of their words and talk 100x faster. This makes learning Spanish muy dificil (difficult).
  15. All dogs are small here and are never on leashes.
  16. Failure to popular belief, Mexicans and Spaniards are not the same thing. Therefore, there is a lack of Mexican food in Spain.
  17. Eating and walking is also another thing they do not do. Catherine and I one day were exploring and were eating sandwiches as we walked around and got strange looks and had no idea why. Glad we know now!
Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end of this post! You win……..knowledge of Spain!
We are getting ready to have dinner (at 9:45pm) and then are meeting up with some amigas for ice cream.
Peas and blessings,
Sarah Beth

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