My year abroad in England…

Lovin’ on some phone booths

As a junior in college I lived and studied for a year in England and it changed my perspective on the world.  I had traveled all over Europe on many trips lasting weeks, but nothing compared to truly immersing myself in a country and adapting to their way of life.  Everything I knew as “normal,” food, transportation, shops, communication, style, etc. was turned upside down and I realized “this is my new home.”  It was stepping outside what I have known my whole life and jumping into a new and exciting adventure.

My relationship with Christ grew faster while I was in England than any other time in my life because I knew with everything changing God was constant.  I got involved in Christian Union and made friends with many international people and realized the world is bigger than just the United States.  Although we came from different cultures we were worshipping the same God, which made Him seem even bigger to me.

My year in England changed me.  It was the most fun, adventurous, exciting and at times scary, year of my life and I wouldn’t take it back for anything!  Whenever asked advice about college, my first response is always to study abroad.  I know that with Veritas Christian Study abroad you will create your own memories and experience the kind of life change that study abroad brings.


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