Mis Aventuras en Argentina!

About two weeks ago I went to Argentina with 3 friends. It was a great experience as I realized that I knew enough Spanish to get to the other side of the continent with little to no problems. Argentina is a wonderful country full of rich history as well as the awesome culture that embodies the colorful and vast landscape. Con mis amigos Hannah, Natalie, y Austin we started our trek with an 8-hour bus ride to Mendoza de Argentina which is the largest of the many mountain towns upon entering the country from Chile. Next after a good night and day there we hopped on another bus to Buenos Aires which only took 14 hours. After spending an even better two nights and a day there we took a short 17 hour bus ride up to Puerto Iguazu, which is a small “folky” town in Argentina on the border lines of Brasil y Paraguay far in the northern region of the country. The real glory of this city isn’t even for the city, it’s for the breathtaking waterfalls, or Cataratas de Iguazu. Being there was humbling seeing how beautiful and destructive the falls really are up close. Love every second of that. After a night there we jumped back on the bus for another quick 17 hours back to Buenos Aires. Once there we relaxed and enjoyed a good day and a half just hanging out in the city as well as experiencing a little of the nightlife. From there we hopped on a slightly longer bus ride from Buenos straight to Viña, around 22 hours. Very fun adventure. To read more check out my blog.


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