Ministry in Valpo, Chile


Faith, Hope, and Love

“We had the past week and a half off, so I decided to stay around Vina/Valpo to get more involved in the more  “official” ministry projects in which we have been involved. At Cempire a tutor attempted to teach me braille in Spanish! It was one of the most challenging/neat things that I have done. God has really used experiences and opportunities like that to develop patience within me! Ryan and I are also tutoring a couple from the ministry in English. It has been great, and I am really hoping to build a strong relationship with them as an outreach as they are not involved with the church and don’t attend services. As I’m sure you’re aware, Pastor John’s dad died this past week and we have been lifting them up in prayer, along with another member of the congregation. It’s been difficult, but God has been faithful. I was also able to get very involved with the orphanage ministry.  We have been going to the orphanage, talking to the girls about the Lord, building relationships, and hoping to show them Jesus both in love, action, and words.  Today, I met up with Karen Wright (the Southern Baptist missionary) and we distributed the Jesus Movie for Kids to some of the local schools.  I was able to get a lot of vacation Bible school resources from her and also some materials to make salvation bracelets . I’m praying for direction and wisdom, and also that God would raise up more laborers because the harvest is definitely plenty, but as of now, the workers are rather few! I think that she is an amazing contact for the program. Some of the (public!) schools that we visited even asked us to come in, teach English, and put on some Christian dramas for the kids!! (the kind similar to Everything by Lifehouse video). The Lord has given us so much favor at the orphanage, and the girls are precious and it really seems that they are hungry for Him! I have had some great discussions with them and am excited to use some of my new resources!!”

Ariana Chile 2011


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